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transform your thinking, release limitations and step into your true power

transform your thinking, release limitations and step into your true power



Discover 5 Steps to Break Free from Comfort and Pursue Bold Action to Achieve Your Goals with Ease


Introduction to How to Create Your Reality from the Inside Out

Learn how to use the power of your mind to change your thoughts!

Hey, I’m Sian

Let's kick it by sharing with you my biggest passion...

I live to reconnect women with their true power!

Something I lost touch with myself for a very long time.

As an Internationally Certified Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy®, Hypnotherapy, NLP Master Coach, Breakthrough Breathwork

® Facilitator and Abundance Alchemy® Coach, I have worked with hundreds of people over the last decade helping them to create transformational changes in their life.

Now it’s your turn! Are you ready for it?

Sian has been chosen as a top Mindset Coach by the

Coach Foundation

Voted as NLP Trainer of the Year 2023 (UK) by the

Corporate Vision Global Business Awards


Your Mindset is the Key to Your Success

I believe that everyone has the ability to achieve more than they even let themselves dream of and the only thing that really ever gets in the way are the limiting beliefs they hold about themselves.

The limited story you've been telling yourself is the only thing keeping you small.

Through learning the most powerful and transformational techniques, you'll learn how to remove the blocks, change the story, create true alignment with your hearts desires and coach others to do the same.

I work with you to uncover the mental and emotional blocks and thinking that have been keeping you stuck
Through powerful techniques, I enable to create new, empowering beliefs, motivation, patterns of behaviour and mindset to support you in achieving your goals!

What kind of results can you expect from working with me?


International Athlete Danielle

Since working with Sian, my life has taken an extraordinary turn. I am now experiencing an abundance of success and achievements that I never thought possible.

I am attracting opportunities, relationships, and abundance into my life effortlessly.

It's incredible to witness how everything falls into place when you align your beliefs, behaviours, and mindset with your goals.

The life I am living now is the life I always dreamed of but never thought I could have.

If you're looking to break free from limiting beliefs and achieve your goals, I wholeheartedly recommend working with Sian. Her expertise will empower you to manifest the life you desire.


Get Started Before You Feel Ready Roadmap

Discover 5 Steps to Step Outside of Your Comfort and Take Bold Action so you can Achieve Your Goals with More Ease


Vibrant Mind Vibrant Life Podcast

Sharing with you inspiration and practical tips on how you can use your mind to unlock your potential and become the vibrant person you were born to be!

Activate Your RAS

The Art & Science of Creating Your Reality from the Inside Out

The starting point for anyone who wants to begin making positive changes in their life

Essential NLP Coach's Checklist

Access the Coach's checklist that guarantee's your client's achieve successful results every time

What a few of my clients have to say about working with me...


Within each of us lies our somatic truth.

Join me in person for a

breakthrough breathwork session where you'll access higher states of consciousness and shift energy through the power of the breath.

1:1 Coaching

Mental and emotional obstacles prevent you from being, doing and having everything you desire! Breakthrough Coaching is the quickest way to release the things holding you back so you can create inner alignment and begin living the life you really want.

Accredited Training

Become an Accredited Coach.

Turn your passion for helping others into a business you love.

Learn the most powerful tools and techniques to create transformational change in both yours and your clients' lives through coaching.

Online Group Coaching Programme

The ultimate roadmap for achieving success! An online coaching programme to take from feeling frustrated to empowered, from overwhelmed to resourceful and change that negative inner voice to an inspiring positive one.

What a terrific tool it has proven to be...I simply do not recognise myself - I feel so empowered.

Genuinely Life changing!!



Vibrant Mind Vibrant Life

Join Sian for your regular dose of positivity and inspiration.

Sharing with you inspiration and practical tips on how you can use your mind to unlock your potential and become the vibrant person you were born to be!

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